More and more organisations are introducing some kind of remote working, “smarter working”, or “agile working”. Sometimes these are introduced as part of flexible working options, but they are often part of other initiatives, like moving to new premises or economising on real estate.

For those who have never collaborated with others mainly through technology, this shift can seem daunting...

How will managers make sure the work is done?

Will employees feel isolated and detached from the organisation?

Will our productivity plummet?

At Virtual not Distant we are equipped to help you introduce remote working into your organisation, and develop a culture where working in this way becomes second nature. We meet you where you’re at and design our interventions accordingly:

Using FACILITATION to uncover any underlying concerns of the workforce, so that they can be addressed in a safe space and in a practical way, turning the opportunities that remote work can bring into actionable plans.

Using our expertise to help you use the technology you have access to in the best possible way, or to help you design your new DIGITAL WORKSPACE.

Delivering workshops for managers using the VIRTUAL framework which ensures participants learn what they need to learn, and not what the training programme promised.

Designing TRAINING to introduce concepts like narrating your work or running online meetings that rock.

COACHING managers and others who need to lead teams in a remote setup.

FACILITATING ONLINE MEETINGS to review the team’s new ways of working.

The transition to remote is a great opportunity to look at exactly what’s working - or not working - within you team, and put in place the frameworks for greater fulfilment and effectiveness in your future.

Get in touch to schedule that first conversation, we have lots of initial questions ready for you.

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